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Sedna Hospital is a private hospital in Mexico City, where we offer the best health care to all patients both domestic and foreign, for which we have highly qualified personnel. Our team, with a great space and the highest technology for the benefit of health, aimes at the same goal: service and excellent medical care.

In Sedna Hospital we encourage preventive medicine, which evaluates diseases that can be solved in time and fit. That´s why we seek to claim health as a present heritage that we should be taking care of and not just being healed. For this reason we invite you to take care of today with the best care and service to fully enjoy tomorrow.

The Hospital is named in honor of the deity of the Arctic sea and the Sedna planet.


To contribute with passion to health and family well-being of our community through a sustainable medical-hospital model that provides security and inspires tranquility to our patients.

Hospital Sedna

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